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Frequently Asked Questions

What all does the price include?

Included in your portable toilet expenses will be the placement, the rental charges, the features, the service, and the removal of portable toilets from the location.

What should I sign whenever I book portable toilets?

Windy City Portable Toilets will offer you the option for signing a damage waiver to avoid fees for weather destruction, vandalism, or unintentional problems. It doesn't matter what causes harm to the portable toilets, you are covered for the cost of replacement and repairs. Concerning your authorization to a payment schedule, routine maintenance routine, and other conditions, there's a contract to sign.

Are there specific specifications with regard to portable toilets on a project site?

Whenever you'll be managing a work site, you will need an acceptable quantity of portable toilets for the personnel as outlined by OSHA guidelines and town ordinances. Numerous portable toilets are usually best for bigger crews and lengthy jobs.

Can I ask for garbage elimination, also?

Garbage disposal services will have to be received from another local company. We will be glad to recommend you.

Exactly what ultimately will happen to the waste material out of the portable toilets?

The waste materials from your portable toilets shall be removed and taken to a nearby waste material center through secure transportation. The locations can properly address the wastes.

Am I going to be required to organize for the units being maintained?

The only planning that you will have to make pertaining to maintaining for the equipment will be to confer with Windy City Portable Toilets concerning how frequent you want them to be serviced. Our company offers daily and once weekly servicing plans to ensure the units stay tidy and hygienic.

Exactly what do I need to do if someone knocks over the portable toilet unit or if bad weather knocks it over?

While a portable toilet could tip, it is not something that often occurs because they're manufactured to avoid tipping and stay secured. Whenever units are knocked down, call us without delay and we are going to arrive soon to get rid of the debris and exchange the equiment if necessary.

Can the water ice over in the tank ?

This won't be anything you have to fear. We employ a unique nontoxic anti-freeze solution making sure that the water within our portable toilets won't freeze if it's frigid.

Do I need to be concerned that the portable toilets may fill too quickly?

Contact us for a servicing and routine maintenance appointment if the units fill too soon. We always suggest that you aquire more units, as filling up too fast is really a sure indication that you did not book quite enough to satisfy the needs of your function or job. We suggest one portable toilet unit for every 10 workers on the job site and one portable toilet unit per 50 attendees at a special event.

Can I secure our portable toilets in advance?

According to the number of portable toilets you need and which time of year you require them, you may find that availability is a concern unless you contact us far enough in advance. Your recommended alternative is always to secure your request as early as you're able to, or at the very least forty-eight hours in advance of your requirements. The greater number of units you're looking for, the sooner you need to contact us. You can profit by ordering one or two weeks ahead of time if you're preparing a rather sizeable function. If you know that your project or occasion is going to be in the summer months or near a local celebration, then you need to book as soon as you're able to.

I'd like models with flowing water. Will I have to furnish the source of water?

Yes. Our company is accustomed to assisting our clients to make determinations when it comes to placement and access to water.

How about positioning?

You'll be able to have us set up the portable toilets anyplace that they'll be handy to be used and accessible for routine maintenance. You're able to take advantage of our qualified advice and many years of experience by inquiring about recommendations for equipment placement.

Am I able to request a portable toilet today and have it right away?

Even when you have not scheduled your order beforehand, and you have to have portable toilets at your location right away, it is best to call us to find out whether we are able to help you. We will do our best to help you to provide all of the portable toilets and extras you'll need as soon as possible.

How much will the portable toilets cost us?

You have several different factors concerning just how costly your portable toilets order is going to be. Think about the following considerations: Are you requesting the most basic options for portable toilets? Do you need deluxe equipment or luxurious restroom trailers? What sort of additional options do you intend to ask for? How frequently do you want your equipment to be cleaned and serviced? You're able to contact us today to consider possibilities for your equipment and compare free quotes.

Will it be okay to reserve a unit for one day?

It does not matter for how long you need the portable toilets. We work with any kind of arrangements and help you in organizing the installation and cleaning arrangement of the portable toilets. Some need portable toilets for several months, but many want the portable toilets for a single day, and that is fine. Contact us, and let us help you plan.